Monday, October 26, 2009

What the Ffff # 62 and diatribe about content

So i don't usually write too much here but something dawned on me today that i think is worth discussing.

I was working on a new site design. This is probably like the eighth version i've come up with and that's not including designs that didn't make it up.

With the main page finished I couldn't think of what the layout should be for the next couple of pages that would've held the art, animation, and bio.

In frustration I checked out my site recently and I realized why I used wordpress again.

The reason was: Simplicity.

Wordpress made it so simple to update the blog and fill it with CONTENT instead of worrying about the aesthetic of it.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. A stylish website will only exhibit the taste of the artist. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty It's the art that the site is made up of that really matters.

After I remembered this I stopped working on the site in photoshop and took out an illustration I hadn't finished.

To the core, what really frustrates me is that I don't have the type of content I want or enough of it.

And so content is what I shall make in the coming and heaps of it.

First step is more what the ffff sketches.

Anyone else out there frustrated with their output?



Your preaching to the choir....
I'm plotting a site reboot for gogopedro, and I am not very pleased or impressed with the quality or the breadth of what I have on hand....
I took a moment to look at what is on the site now and practically choked on my tongue...

In the end that is the new mission statement....Get busy with the art...
But, I'll make you a promise... I'll kick your ass if your getting out of line and you remind me to get back on task every now and then...

Keep drawing man..


Nelly D. said...

I'll hold you to that Delgado!

There had better be a sixth finger on each hand, and both of those digits better be pencils.

I Shall do the same.

Elara said...

um YES. output that is INCREDIBLY SLOW. gaaaaaaaaaaa