Sunday, November 13, 2005

I <3 Sketchcrawl!

Today i went out for Sketchcrawl day to meet other sketchers at Washington Square Park in NYC. I met with some ol' buddies as well as new friends and sketched all damn day.

It was freking awesome! It was a beautiful day and the light poured over everything magnificently. In short- It was a great time and I can't wait to do this again. I really think drawing all day like this helped me a lot.

This was the first drawing I did. The morning was great because it was a clear and cool (tho a tad breezy) autumn day with marvelous light.

Theirs the fountain in the center of the park. Alisa and the other sketchers were to
the right of this.

After lunch at great sezechuan on st. marks place (yum) we went to Tompkins Square park where they were handing out bags of free popcorn which was super delicious. They actually had two of their mascots their that were chilling out bouncing around all happy and jubilant.

This was an ultra cool dude with a navy blue leather jacket with a black fur trim. I hate to say it, but he looked super hip with the cigarette.

And here's the center of Tompkins Square Park and the lonely trees in the center. Or not so lonely, their were some people to the left their chilling.
I love this pic, because we were dead center in a breakdancing show on the steps of union square. They just engulfed us by shouting out "SHOWTIME!" and drawing people closer and closer. All of them were amazing, and I was lucky I even caught this dude.
Alisa and Cynthea, drawing while I sketched them asap. It was the very last drawing I did.
And finally random faces I tried to capture at different times throughout the day.

Can't wait for the next sketchcrawl.