Monday, July 10, 2006

Watercolors and the love of art supplies.

I love Art supplies. In this case I'm talking about my little black Moleskin watercolor book and my watercolor brush pen. If you love watercolor painting, I highly recommend getting both. They're crazy portable and a lot of fun and easy to use.

Ronnie del carmen and Glen Villpu like them too. If you're not going to believe me, then at least trust those master artists.

I used these both on Sketchcrawl #10 and at the Bronx Zoo this past weekend. I went with a huge group of people from Animation Collective. We had like 23 peeps man! Inspiring to have a small brigade of animators battle the heat and throng of parents with their baby strollers all for the love of animals. And monkey poop. And flying giraffe tongues.

So here are my watercolors from the last 2 weeks. I hope to get this moleskin book finished by the end of July.

My only regret is that I failed to capture the awesome majesty of this one giraffe whipping around his mighty tongue like a fiery whip.

Fiery whip I tell you.