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Score my t-shirt

 - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever
Hey guys,

So my design made it onto but it's not a shirt you can
buy yet!

For that to happen you have to score it within the next seven days.

If it works out not only can you then order a cool shirt but you can help me win a prize. YAY! I love too?!?

Please tell your friends and family and even your pet parrot Bonkers!

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What the Ffff # 62 and diatribe about content

So i don't usually write too much here but something dawned on me today that i think is worth discussing.

I was working on a new site design. This is probably like the eighth version i've come up with and that's not including designs that didn't make it up.

With the main page finished I couldn't think of what the layout should be for the next couple of pages that would've held the art, animation, and bio.

In frustration I checked out my site recently and I realized why I used wordpress again.

The reason was: Simplicity.

Wordpress made it so simple to update the blog and fill it with CONTENT instead of worrying about the aesthetic of it.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. A stylish website will only exhibit the taste of the artist. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty It's the art that the site is made up of that really matters.

After I remembered this I stopped working on the site in photoshop and took out an illustration I hadn't finished.

To the core, what really frustrates me is that I don't have the type of content I want or enough of it.

And so content is what I shall make in the coming and heaps of it.

First step is more what the ffff sketches.

Anyone else out there frustrated with their output?

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What the Ffff # 61

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What the Ffff # 60

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Turkey and Spain part 2

Here is the Hagia Sophia from the top of our hotel where we ate breakfast every morning. Turkish breakfast is basically raw materials....hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, cheeses, bread, olives, yogurt.
Various Spaniards.
I love that they have packaged sugar cubes, which seems a little ridiculous to me. But when you see them in a jar all together they make one smile. I really liked this one bakeries sugar cube packets because it had this jolly looking cook on it.
Random Turks sitting outside the Blue Mosque.

Some Turks fishing on the Bosphorus river.
Outside the cathedral in Toledo, Spain.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Turkey and Spain part 1

Cynthea and I just arrived back from visiting Turkey and Spain this past monday. The trip was amazing!

Before we set out I had decided I really wanted to try and emulate the great Enrico Casarosa's Venice Chronicles which I love so much.

Unfortunately, it was much too difficult to do this at the end of the day after crawling over ruins at Ephesos or just walking around all day.

I did however start the first two pages at the airport. Maybe I'll add more.

Below is the Isa Bey Mosque which is right next to St. John's Basilica. What's interesting is that because they pray five times a day you hear the calls from there minarets which birds seem to really love.

Tea is huge in Turkey! HUGE! I know Tea is huge all over the world except probably the US but i mean....everywhere we went....people just downed Tea like it was ambrosia.

These are a bunch of random Turkish folks that we saw outside of the Blue Mosque. We were sitting at a row of benches where guys were screaming out "CHAI, CHAI, CHAI!" It's so crazy to me that there are TEA salesmen on the street that go around screaming this. It's great!

That old guy bottom row in the middle screamed at this lollipop vendor kid for some reason....cranky old men exist everywhere. EVERYWHERE.
This last image is from Madrid, Spain at the Buen Retiro Park. This park made me realize how much i love central park and prospect park and Olmstead's idea of what a park should be. Cause Buen Retiro was all manicured and very much man made looking. Gravel paths, bushes fencing off every grass patch, and trees cut to look like poodles....yeach! More to come!

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What the Ffff # 57, 58

Ma foi!
"My finger points!"

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What the Ffff # 55, 56

Legendary sports figures. Bobby Porterhouse, the forward on the Texas grill 'ems and Giuliano Alimentari, international superstar golfer and mustache officionado.

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What the Ffff # 50, 51

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