Friday, October 02, 2009

Turkey and Spain part 1

Cynthea and I just arrived back from visiting Turkey and Spain this past monday. The trip was amazing!

Before we set out I had decided I really wanted to try and emulate the great Enrico Casarosa's Venice Chronicles which I love so much.

Unfortunately, it was much too difficult to do this at the end of the day after crawling over ruins at Ephesos or just walking around all day.

I did however start the first two pages at the airport. Maybe I'll add more.

Below is the Isa Bey Mosque which is right next to St. John's Basilica. What's interesting is that because they pray five times a day you hear the calls from there minarets which birds seem to really love.

Tea is huge in Turkey! HUGE! I know Tea is huge all over the world except probably the US but i mean....everywhere we went....people just downed Tea like it was ambrosia.

These are a bunch of random Turkish folks that we saw outside of the Blue Mosque. We were sitting at a row of benches where guys were screaming out "CHAI, CHAI, CHAI!" It's so crazy to me that there are TEA salesmen on the street that go around screaming this. It's great!

That old guy bottom row in the middle screamed at this lollipop vendor kid for some reason....cranky old men exist everywhere. EVERYWHERE.
This last image is from Madrid, Spain at the Buen Retiro Park. This park made me realize how much i love central park and prospect park and Olmstead's idea of what a park should be. Cause Buen Retiro was all manicured and very much man made looking. Gravel paths, bushes fencing off every grass patch, and trees cut to look like poodles....yeach! More to come!


David said...

Looks like your trip was amazing! Can't wait to see more. That drawing of you with the backpack might be the greatest thing ever.

Kori said...

I agree, Dave.

Looks to me like Nelson is the new Dora.

Cynthea said...

haha.....Nelson can stand around pretending that children are answering his questions!

oh..and he'll have to stop blinking

Nelly D. said...

I'm offended.

I realize indeed....that I am both short and hispanic.

Some may even call me...plump. But i am not a little girl nor does my soul or spirit consist of a little hispanic girl's soul.

I do enjoy wearing backpacks as they distribute the weight more evenly than a satchel or one of those dumb sling bags from the GAP.

I believe Kori's slight against me is further evidence of how upset our comments about the Dark Crystal were.

Kori...give up. Dark Crystal blows.

Cynthea...I'll speak to you at home. Tsk tsk.

And always you are my only friend. Thank you.

Nathalia M said...

WOW! I really like these. I wish i had had more time to just enjoy drawing and not have to babysit family on my last trip. I'm super jealous of your trip to turkey. It looks amazing, both in photos, but also in drawing. These are really good. Why don't you draw like this in NY?

christi said...

Hey I really like your sketches. OH i want to go on another trip and this time actually paint too. i think it looks like Cynthea. Those are her sarcastic eye brows ;)


Beautiful stuff man...its like I got to go on vacation looking at these.


Liam said...

great looking work man, just share more of it with us on here, dying to see more!!