Tuesday, August 30, 2005

TV Caricatures

A cool little excercise to do when its not possible to go outside and draw is to just watch tv and try to capture people you see there. It emulates life enough that you're forced to draw as fast as possible. Mine aren't that great but there are still one or two neat one on this page. Lots of fun.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Handy Skull head

So I got two lil drawings up.

Just practicing some hands, which one can never practice enough. They're hard, but nothing next to feet. I wonder if artists from countries where soccer is the major sport can draw feet better?

And then i drew a skull head. Why? Because.

I've been sculpting some maquettes for an upcoming film me and my significant other have just finished storyboarding. Funny thing about sculpting is that if you both sculpt and draw, it's amazing to find out how well they compliment each other.

I feel like my drawings get better anytime i try to sculpt something. I guess it's the switching from 3-d to 2-d physically that helps each technique to sort of pull the other along.


Saturday, August 13, 2005

mysterious characters

So i didn't post friday, which means i didn't even draw!!! It shan't happen again, but since i started working it has become so much harder.

I'll post 2 drawings tonight, and this will be the first. I was watching one of my favorite shows, The Tick by Ben Edlund. Great show, though the animation can be wonky sometimes. To me it just kind of adds to the weird silliness of the whole thing.

So i drew this detective looking dude, who came out of nowhere (or subconciously from watching The Tick.)

I really like it, particularly because he's reminds me of this supernatural detective story i wrote in H.S. that was not very serious and had kind of the same silly feel as The Tick only the whole theme was supernatural instead of superheroic.

Maybe i'm gonna start writing with him again..?

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Good to be in love

Cheesy as it is, it's true!

And sometime that person you love gets you through crap that would've been a pain in the ass to get through yourself.

They also give you cute mushy little pictures to draw like this one! Also partly inspired by Hooverphonic's "Eden."


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Girls girls girls....

So I actually drew a pic for the blog today! YAY for me!

As many animators do, I love the work of Gil Elvgren who is famous for his perky pin-ups, as well as the delicious females that Shane Glines creates. I'm also a big fan of Lynne Naylor who worked on Samurai Jack amongst other countless awesome animation projects.

They're just a few of the many animation artists who draw very inspiring and incredible pin-ups of gorgeous gals (amongst other wonderful works.) Women are just so beautiful- so go figure!

The girl i drew to the side is me trying my humble hand at drawing a pretty chick. I was listening the Donnas when i drew it, so that's why she's a rocker.

What's hard about drawing stylish and cartoony girls is trying to create the gal with your style. My style isn't really there yet. People have told me otherwise- but i just don't think i'm consistent enough.

One blogger and awesome character designer who inspired me to make this blog to sort of motivate myself into drawing more is Katie Rice. Her drawings are awesome- though her blog is often about how she wants to draw a certain way more. They're so great anyway!!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My lazy ass needs to draw more

BOOM! I said it.

How can I call myself an artist when i don't draw everyday? Well this blog is going to be a weapon against boredom and distraction.

I've been inspired by friends and other artists who have blogs. Not that anyone's going to want to check this out, but i figure it'll be a great place to struggle against the frustration that comes with trying to be a better artist and animator.

What's horrible is that i have a cintiq- which for anyone who doesn't know is a computer monitor that you can draw onto. It's sick, and while i use it, i could be using it more often, and i intend to, so that's another reason this blog will kick ass for me.

One of the blog's I've been inspired by is Bonnie Branson who's a good buddy o' mine. Here's a lil' pic i drew for her going away. She moving to boston- she'll be missed.