Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Girls girls girls....

So I actually drew a pic for the blog today! YAY for me!

As many animators do, I love the work of Gil Elvgren who is famous for his perky pin-ups, as well as the delicious females that Shane Glines creates. I'm also a big fan of Lynne Naylor who worked on Samurai Jack amongst other countless awesome animation projects.

They're just a few of the many animation artists who draw very inspiring and incredible pin-ups of gorgeous gals (amongst other wonderful works.) Women are just so beautiful- so go figure!

The girl i drew to the side is me trying my humble hand at drawing a pretty chick. I was listening the Donnas when i drew it, so that's why she's a rocker.

What's hard about drawing stylish and cartoony girls is trying to create the gal with your style. My style isn't really there yet. People have told me otherwise- but i just don't think i'm consistent enough.

One blogger and awesome character designer who inspired me to make this blog to sort of motivate myself into drawing more is Katie Rice. Her drawings are awesome- though her blog is often about how she wants to draw a certain way more. They're so great anyway!!!

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