Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ultra Battle 2009

It's 2009. I should say something poignant.

New years resolutions blow. They're are stupid because no one decides at the beginning of the year that they're going to stick to one or two goals set at improving oneself.

No sir, people are trying hard everyday to be the best they can. I know I'm trying and I know most of my buddies are.

So screw new years resolutions and their phony attempt to simplify our crazy lives.

Besides I always have the same set of resolutions...one of them is to draw more. Saying I'm going to do that at the beginning of the year is silly.

The only way to grow is to push myself into fearful situations.

So here's to craziness and throwing yourself into the heat of creative turmoil. Cheers!



Interesting Image.......
Looks like your referencing some pop Icon type character....but not sure who it is.........um......not a power ranger...


liam said...
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liam said...

Nelson Smashes Resolutions!!!
best of luck with drawing more this year.
NIce image-who are they though?

Tiki Rox said...

Ultra Gap Tooth is me as Ultraman's adopted bastard cousin.

And Morning Breath Claw is....well self explanatory.