Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This is from memory. Had to draw him after talking about all 27 of his freakin' movies on the geekcast. sheesh.




I will admit that I didn't get the like-ness right off the bat...
After a closer look I certainly see a notable likeness.

I don't know about the pronounced cheek personally, I always kinda think of his head as a block with a tapered jaw...

Sadly, I went to look for a reference photo on line to make more comments....but the images of modern day arnold turned up....and well, the emotional scarring will need some time to heal.

Great image though. You've captured the gap tooth masterfully,
You must practice drawing it a lot.


Nelly D. said...

Aw man thanks for the critiques buddy the definitely help.

Yea drawing people from memory is tricky. It's interesting to see what one will fill in for certain areas or add themselves.

I also drew Wacko Jacko and that came out horrible....lol. Much like the actual person.

I also drew Shigeru Miyamoto, and while it didn't look like him, it was still a fun doodle.

Gap teeth are quite fun to draw.

liam said...

need some more ahhhnaald poses!! some conan drawings perhaps??
good to see you posting dude