Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Adventures in Pasadena

Contrary to Old town's pristine image of being uber clean and rich, their are homeless folks all over the place. Here are some.

I hear that in the late 80s Pasadena wasn't such a great town.



I've heard similar things about NYC.

Tikirox said...

Old town Pasadena is strange because it tries very hard to look and feel wealthy and it does a fairly good job of it. For the most part there is hardly any fast food. Instead we have an apple store, the cheesecake factory and some fancier super pricey restaurants with fairly good food.

On the flipside there aren't any useful stores within old town. Not one electronic, hardware or general convenience or variety store. There is one bodega type store but it's super tiny.

One of my co-workers had mentioned that he had never seen a homeless person there and then i showed him my sketchbook and told him i had encountered at least 3 on my way to work.

It's unlike new york in that NY gets a lot of character from being old, where as pasadena kind of tries to hide the fact that it's an old town, probably because it was so crappy in the past. I feel like NY owns it's past.