Monday, January 25, 2010

How does he do it?

Link....ah Link. How the hell are you carrying around so much crap on your adventure? Maybe it's cause you're an elf. And elves have magical pockets?

Ah hell I don't know.



good post man.

If you think about it he can actually get most of that stuff into a bag pretty neatly some of its small...I just get confused when it comes to a SACK OF BOMBS, ONE WHOLE RAFT, and a LADDER.

Keep kickin' ass.


Alisa said...

He has a Mary Poppins bag. Or else she's also an elf!

Christi said...

Mary Poppins and Merlin both had zip file bags:) I don't remember Link having a bag at all. Yeah I always wonder how he carried that stuff too. also, I like your drawing.