Monday, May 11, 2009

You know how it feels.

Ever feel like the day punched you in the face? Imagine if Monday had a human incarnation who was a hulkish brute who happened to really delight in ramming his fist into that nice space between your eyes.

It happens. I should draw "Monday." What if all the days of the week had a physical incarnation? Would Friday be a fat drunken bacchus looking person? Would Sunday be a stoner?



Say, I can relate....I've been punched in the kicked there once too.

Great deformation on his features man.


Art Fan Ako said...

Ouch! Great action depiction here.

Christi said...

nice drawing. I like the motion and impact yay

Kimberly said...

Hey Nelson! Long time. Great stuff you've got here. I really like that little Hero of the Time sketch, it's very appealing. How's LAP going?

NM said...

I think sunday would be hung over guy, saturday stoner. I would love to see a series of these... it wouls be awesome. Besides your lines are great and i really enjoy the... physicality, emotion, energy.... of this particular piece.