Thursday, February 26, 2009


I want to get back to making Fudge and Emily Comics. I love these guys and they're always on my mind....just got to get them on the page.

In general I'd like to get some more comics going. They're really storyboards after all (a prelude to what i really want to get too.....animation!)

I really like this style where the tooth and grain of the pencil drawing is showing even with color, it adds a wonderful texture to it that makes it a bit more tangible.

Sometimes Mike Allred does this sort of thing and I love when he does.


Liam said...

good stuff man, nice to see you still drawing emily, but what is this animation you speak of???
all in all a lovely appealing drawing man-keep it up

Angela said...

Hey Nels,

long time no talk. Fine sketch you've got. I totally dig what you're saying about comics and storyboards.

How's the podcast going?


How'd I miss this?..
I'm liking the color and the line work.
Something feels a little off with her cape and hair. But still a pleasing drawing all around.


Alisa said...

Good to see your Emily sketch! I almost forgot about her and Fudge...that means you must make more comics! :D