Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Veidt Sport, To Win is Divine

Hey everyone,
Things have been busy. Besides the monsters book, I've been working with 4 of my buddies (Justin Lawrence, Sarah Wickliffe, Andrew Roberts, and David Pagano,) to create a mock 80's commercial for the Watchmen Movie.

It's a contest and the grand prize is getting a spot on one of the background Tv's in the Watchmen movie.

It's a sneaker ad and the music was made courtesy of Paul Wickliffe of

Check it out here, then find it on youtube and go rate it and say something nice!

Click this link to comment and rate the sucker:


stephen said...

like a wonderful trapper keeper cover. Your book is cool too.

liam said...

great stuff man,
good to see you getting stuff out there
keep it up

John Donald Knox, Esq. said...

Very nice work on both the book and the commercial. Especially liked the Egyptian motifs, which of course tie in with a certain character (me spoiler free).

Keep up the good work: you are definately going places!

- Snausageboy