Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blues Bot

With a one Terabyte chip installation Blues Bot can perform hundreds of thousands of Jazz and Blues favorites.

From Armstrong to Marsalis, this Bot pulls out all the stops!

Optional chips include Physical imitations of famous Jazz musicians, Improvisational Be-bopping (extra terabyte chip needed,) and interchangable trumpet hands.


Alisa said...

very cool illo! Nice colors and shapes :D

Bonnie said...


stephen said...

remember in that movie Johnny Mnemonic? And how keanu reeves deletes the old memories in his brain in exchage for 60 gigs of storage space?

groovy paintin'

Tiki Rox said...

I do remember...I remember seeing that at the crappy movie theater with my friend Alex. At the time we thought it was awesome.

I also remember that the internet in that movies was what looked like some crazy virtual reality ride or game.

I remember to send email or go to another page he had to move blocks around like he was playing 3-d tetris or something.


Looks pretty nice to me. Is that traditional media??? or digital.

Tiki Rox said...

Thanks man.

This is guache on watercolor paper.