Tuesday, September 25, 2007




good on ya' mate. Nice to see you doing a Daily... it can really keep you going.

I like um' all and feel that the third one down is rather JABBA-ESQUE.

Rade said...

Very cool. I'm diggin the yak monster with the birds chillin' on his back.

Alisa said...

These are awesome! I think the top two are my favorite.

rickgo said...

i'll kill you all dead.
nice drawings!

Tricia in Kansas said...

Yak monster is chronic!

endlessfluff said...

these are so awesome nelson!
its really inspiring to see monsters emerge from shapes and textures!

hey dude i didn't know you posted to ma blog =D. I have about 3 posts coming as soon as blogger image posting option are back up.

(and my steam name is "mankoon" XD)