Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Moco Cocatasso

This is Moco Cocatasso. He is the bestest and awesomest Ninja warrior champion. 5 TIME CHAMPION. why? Because I made him up. That's why he's the bestest.

NO. you have nothing to say. Just accept this.

I got this autograph for my pal Eric who is obsessed with Ninja Warrior. I want him to meet Moco.

You see the word "Moco" is some bizarre spanish slang my mother came up with for a booger. And "Cocatasso" is also from my moms strangespanglipuertoricanish that means a bruise from being hit.

So there it is. Booger head bump. The best ninja warrior ever.

NO. nothing for you to say. Just accept the glory.


Bonnie said...

hehehe...I love it and and the story as well. MORE MORE MORE MORE..dood put thatCintiq to work man.

liam said...

nice gums on him--i have accepted the glory of moco--now post more new stuff!!
well played mr. Diaz, well played indeed!

Christi said...

I don’t believe a real ninja would participate in a ninja championship.
cute drawing:)

Laura Jane said...

hahaha amazing, my boyfriend is mexican, we say "mocos" all the time!!!!!



this dude looks very grumpy, NICE job with the teeth.....simple and straight forward.