Monday, September 25, 2006

Coqui on Aniboom

Dear buddies,

My student film "Coqui" is in the competition in the Drama category.

Now to win, or even have a chance of winning, I need all the damned viewing, hits, ratings and comments as possible. So here's the link:

Coqui on Aniboom!!!

Please, please, please, tell everyone to go and check it out and vote, rate or comment on the film. I'd appreciate any support you could muster up! And if there's still time (and I do believe there is!,) go and submit your own film and compete!!!



Alisa said...

awesome! I'll spread the word :)

Bob said...

hey! i found you on blogger, i added a link to you.

very impressive movie!
i gave you a good score and left a comment.
you just reminded me i entered my thesis movie on animboom a while back. . .

liam said...

hey wait-----you did animation????????
you sly dog!!!!!
will spread the news --good work dude