Friday, June 30, 2006

crazy arm

This is just a test for a project i'm working on with a friend. The project is actually a comic but I was really itching to animate the idea behind this guy.

I'd really like to get this animation to a point where i'd be happy to put it in a reel. Just started it yesterday at work for fun.

I need suggestions, comments, opinions.....I really want to make this top-notch. What do you think could make it better? What isn't clear? What could use more emphasis?


Alisa said...

cool! I like seeing your animations. Maybe have the arm pause for a moment midair before it falls quickly to the ground to show it's weight. I have to figure how to post tests on blogger.

Phill The Eep said...

Hot damn, that's pretty cool, Nelson. I'd do something with the legs while the arm is first "acting up- the position doesn't look like he would really be able to hold it while his arm is shaking that much- widen his center of gravity, for starters, and maybe have him shift his weight from one leg to the other.

Bonnie said...

This is a lot of fun. I really feel the weight when his arm turns into the heavy object and he is pulling.

When his arm starts to act up the second time around, (when it becomes a weight) it kinda looks like his arm is coming out of his nose. Just the way his head bent and the hand holding down the arm is right in front, the lines of his arms are coming right out where his nose would be. I think the hand holding down the arm should remain at the elbow so it reads better.

kyle B said...

i think its cool, i noticed the legs seem stiff when they are bent and hold for several frames, maybe try my squash and strech in the lower body.

how did you add that? is that a .swf? or an animated .gif? or....something else?

super cool