Saturday, April 08, 2006

Little Tremors

This story was inspired by an outing with my family at a mexican restaurant where my extended family and I were all enjoying dinner.

I was sitting across from my six year old cousin Nina who while munching on her chicken fingers decided to fart quite suddenly. She started laughing hysterically and her enjoyment from breaking wind made me laugh out loud.

What I found very silly and annoying was that her uncle told her off and acted like she had commited the most vile sin a little girl could ever do.

I understand he was trying to instill some semblance of manners at her young age....but really...come on, she's six. Every six year old finds farting hilarious.

Yay farts.



Cynthea said...

yay farts! lol...I love the expressions on fudge and the furry guys' face in the second to last panel.

In the close up frames of emily, fudge's arm looks a twisted towel.

Anonymous said...

i like the message of the comic little girls can fart very funny and very empowering!!!! i like your style too very retro

bloody brillant!!!!


nofoodforyou said...

yo i love the cross bones fart. oh god

Cynthea said...

on the topic of farts.... i thought you might enjoy this:

Cynthea said... it 2parts

Bonnie said...


Kim said...


Heard of your blog from Patrick Costa, wanted to check it out. You've got some really cool stuff here.

Kim said...


Thanks for the comment. Animation Collective is certain crazy, all I can say is brace yourself. They require much much more than one can give. It'll be nice to see you there and get to know you. I have another friend starting in June. There's a whole group of us there from Cartoon Pizza, that makes it more bearable!

Thanks for the link, I'm putting you up. :)

Phill The Eep said...

Nice. I especially like the slightly incongruous mustache on the blue furry guy. (I almost missed it in his muzzle) The hat works too, for that matter.

Heck, that furry guy should have his own comic about the rigors of a 9 to 5 life as a blue, furry puffball...

What? was I supposed to say something about farting? I mean I *did* have a largeish bowl of rice and beans a coupla hours ago, how's that? ;)

And Cynthea's right, the arm does look like a towel or something. Almost like she's squeezing it in half.