Friday, March 24, 2006

random characters

Some fun lil doodles I did over the last couple of weeks that i've meant to scan in.


Cynthea said...
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Cynthea said...

I especially love page 2, with all the characters. I like the caricature of yourself.

The no chin lady is wierd tho. Your 2 bespectacled characters look like family. Are they father and daughter of some wacky nerdy family?

the big burly man is ...well soo burly and ugly, but very funny. The friar is a big disturbingly ugly...I wouldn't trust that man near children. Techinically, tho, I think the shading is a bit wierd and defines rather strange lumps in his body.

Amy said...

I love the girl with the glasses and frizzy hair in the second page. And is the boy with the "no pencil" sign on his shirt you? XD

nofoodforyou said...

hey i like the caricature of yourself too.
what goes no pencil mean?