Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Elemental Warriors

I know I know....gasp....Elemental Warriors....how cheesy can I get?

It started with the Norse warrior and it continues with the Earth shaman...the series keeps growing..... I want to change the backgrounds on some of these by cleaning them up a bit. I'm really enjoying where I'm able to take the characters. I know I can polish the backgrounds up more, and make them both more clear and atmospheric. For a first couple of times I think it's ok, but already I know i'm barely scratching the surface.

Earth Shaman right here is the latest. More to come. Let me know what you think.
Earth Shaman
Witch of the Wind (A.K.A. Serafina Pekkala in Cittagazze, A.K.A. rip off of Kiki's Delivery
Service Postcard.)
Fire Gypsy
Norse Warrior


Anonymous said...

not bad but why is that dude wearing a skirt while playing with his boulder???

nofoodforyou said...

haha these are awesome. that windy witch is having too much fun though...

Anonymous said...

i wanna be that windy witch!

Bonnie said...

Keep em up Nels!
Love the fire one. (no surprise eh?)

amy said...

awesome! These look like too much fun~! =D